My Life by Barbara Newcome Long

Fifty years have gone so fast,
Now it's time to take a look at my past.
I married young as most of you know,
And from that marriage I have a lot to show.
Three sons have I and a daughter also,
Add four grandsons to the tree and now you know.
Know why I brag and talk for hours,
About my family that to me are flowers.
After the kids were in school,
I went to work -- it was the rule.
Work and earn money -- a better way of life,
It all goes together and sometimes brings strife.
A waitress I was at the Fiesta Room,
Then on to Goodyear, they had a hiring boom.
Twenty years later I retired with a pension,
Silly me -- I thought it would relieve the tension.
So back to work I went with a smile,
A barmaid at Ralph Joseph's was my style.
Two years later I moved out of state,
To Florida where the weather is great.
In the last ten years many, many jobs I've done,
Some good, some fun and some were bad.
I am now working at two jobs part time,
As a waitress and a receptionist and all is fine.
I've loved and I've lost and am now alone,
But that could all change -- just call my phone.
I gained lots of weight but went on a diet,
Weight Watchers is great -- you should try it.
I'm active at church, I help where there's need,
I visit shut-ins and the hungry I feed.
I have a few hobbies I guess I should site,
I do crafts, I garden and poems I do write.
I am greatful for all that I've been given,
It's MY life and it's been worth the livin'.

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